The projects of Wu Zhi Qiao

      The projects of Wu Zhi Qiao are accomplished by volunteer professionals and university teams from both Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. To the fullest extent possible, we build footbridges, eco-dwellings and small-scale facilities with locally available and sustainable materials and utilize local wisdom and green building concepts. Our volunteer teams work closely with the villagers to transfer practical building skills and knowledge of materials that will promulgate the concept of sustainability and enable the local people to maintain their footbridges and facilities in the future. The project is also an intervarsity initiative that provides students with an opportunity to reach out to distant villages over a year. It allows our volunteers a better understanding of the life, wisdom and culture of the villagers. It also provides an opportunity to volunteers to assess, design and construct an essential infrastructure that villagers need. Most importantly, we build heart bridge of caring and friendship which truly connect people from all walks of life. Over the past 13 years, more than 25 Wu Zhi Qiao university teams have successfully completed nearly 60 projects, including 52 footbridges, 3 village rebuild demonstration, 3 village center development and a series of community enrichment projects. The number of volunteers involved reaches 4,000 times and benefited 65,000 villagers.