HBD60-Type Long-span Prefabricated Steel Truss Bridge

      Information Summary:HBD60 Prefabricated Steel Truss Beam, HBD60 Bailey Bridge, HBD60 Prefabricated Highway Steel Bridge, HBD60 Long Span Truss Bridge.

      Model Alias: CD450;CD;450; HBD60

      The HBD60-Type bridge originated in Germany and was introduced into China for mass production through the analysis of its structure by Great Wall engineers.

      The introduction of HBD60-Type bridge stems from the technical barriers and deficiencies of Bailey Bridge. As is known to all, Belle Bridge is a common prefabricated steel bridge structure, which is the upper and lower bearing bridge beam with the single pin connecting truss unit as the main beam of the bridge span structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, strong adaptability and good interchangeability. But even if the load is not large, it can only reach 60 meters per single span.

      Therefore, Great Wall Group launched the HBD60-Type bridge. Although the truss adopts larger steel, the structure is simpler, which not only has the advantage of strong adaptability of prefabricated Bailey steel bridge, but also makes up for the limit of span, improves the length of single span and saves the cost of bridge pier.

      HBD60 type prefabricated steel truss beam usually adopts a reinforced double row structure with a third chord, which is assembled from standard components such as end trusses, standard truss segments, chords, reinforced chords, third chords, crossbeams, wind resistant tie rods, and vertical supports. The main truss is connected by high-strength bolts. The standard truss is 3.048m long, with a single layer height of 2.250m and a double layer height of 4.500m. There are two trusses on one side, and the carriageway adopts cast-in-place reinforced concrete bridge deck or steel bridge deck.

      Transportation and Storage of HBD60 Type Steel Structure Bridges

      1) During the loading, transportation, and unloading process of components during shipment, it is necessary to avoid damaging the paint film, as well as collision damage and deformation of components.

      2) Multiple forms of transportation should be used for component transportation, and regardless of which one is used, intermediate transportation should be reduced.

      3) When shipping components, the manufacturer should provide the user with a product quality certificate, a list of product components, and instructions for using the steel bridge.

      4) The storage of steel bridges should be carried out in warehouses, and their management should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Management of National Defense Transportation Material Reserves and the Management Manual for National Defense Transportation Material Reserve Warehouses.

      5) To ensure the smooth connection of high-strength bolts between steel bridge components, the processing unit should take practical and feasible measures to prevent component deformation during the storage and transportation of steel bridge components.

      6) During the storage and transportation of components, attention should be paid to the protection of the steel structure coating surface. If there is any damage, it should be repaired in a timely manner. The processing unit should develop a coating surface repair process that meets our construction requirements.