The use of Bailey steel bridge construction reinforcement is better

      The goal of the reinforcement of Bailey Steel Bridge is to repair, reinforce, improve the bearing capacity and strengthen the utilization function through the reinforcement construction, so the selection of reinforcement scheme should be based on the improvement of the quality of the reinforcement project.

      There are also inappropriate construction preparation and quality evaluation criteria for inappropriate reinforcement schemes. According to several typical reinforcement compilations in the Technical Specification for Concrete Layout Reinforcement and following the construction experience, the inappropriate reinforcement compilations shall be focused on during construction:

      1. Prestressed reinforcement method

      2. Steel encased reinforcement methodThe general situation of the Bailey steel bridge shall be described, including the treatment of the concreting connection surface and the steel plate fitting surface as the key point in the reinforcement construction process. For the dry reinforcement construction, in order to make the angle steel close to the general situation of the component, the concrete general situation must be polished flat and free of sundries and dust; When wet reinforcement construction is adopted, the prepared angle steel and concrete profile shall be plastered with latex cement slurry or prepared with epoxy resin chemical grouting material, the steel plate shall be derusted, the concrete shall be dedusted, and the steel plate and concrete profile shall be cleaned with acetone or xylene for bonding and grouting.

      3. External steel bonding reinforcement method of concrete member.